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Tyranical series iii
Tyranical series iii

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Tyranical series iii

Mixed Media, 38H x 28W x 0D cm


This piece is just a sharing piece, not from any actual events. This work as a visual sharing about a life of an artist trying to use his maximum effort and capacity of his skills in an unusual conditions. Without usual artist's tool, colors or canvas to make up on something. This piece is created by implementing a cup of coffee with ink.. The sources thats only exist around the artist to unleash everything he got. That was called tyranical (an exercising the power in a cruel or arbitrary way). Just like a knight that only live for battle in a war, they need to always practise or sharpen their sword skills even in a cage as prisoners.

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Cashierbook ID: KLY

Medium: Mixed Media

Material: N/A

Dimensions: 38H x 28W x 0D cm

Weight: 0.40 kg

Style: Fine Art

Date Painted: 13 Apr 2020

Location: Malaysia, Selangor

By Artist

Hamizan Yusof

Kelantan, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2020 - Hamizan Yusof (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Mixed Media


38H x 28W x 0D cm

0.40 kg

Fine Art

Date Painted
13 Apr 2020

Malaysia, Selangor

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