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Unravel the hero

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Unravel the hero

Acrylic, 183H x 152W x 4D cm


Unravel the hero tell us about a superhero that still waiting for people to praise and appreciate him, with a fullset costume, smoking cigar and always keep his eyes on the world but nobody care and mostly people forgot about him. The vision of being an artist actually related to this superhero, people who make art are people who make the world happy(hero definition). No need to wait for people loves yout artwork, the artist need to love the carrier and firm the vision then people will love you and when people love you they will love your artwork.

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Cashierbook ID: KBB

Medium: Acrylic

Material: N/A

Dimensions: 183H x 152W x 4D cm

Weight: 4.00 kg

Style: Pop Art

Date Painted: 9 Apr 2019

Location: Malaysia, Selangor

By Artist

Hamizan Yusof

Kelantan, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2019 - Hamizan Yusof (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID



183H x 152W x 4D cm

4.00 kg

Pop Art

Date Painted
9 Apr 2019

Malaysia, Selangor

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