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Hatinya Tak Tahan
Hatinya Tak Tahan
Hatinya Tak Tahan

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Hatinya Tak Tahan

Oil painting on Canvas, 123.1H x 184.6W x 5.1D cm


My body of artwork reflect with the term of musical in an abstraction theme painting. I am interesting with this thematic because it triggered my consciousness as a musician/guitarist in a band, as a gig/concert goers, a daily music listener and as an artist that always “being with the sound”. My artworks that emphasized is the selection of colour used parallel with the notation of musical scale that end up will form a melody for a music and the colour will form the abstract pattern. I also inspired the musical-colour through the phenomena of synesthesia which I turn the melody into colour through synesthesia to form a new language of musical abstraction. It seems to me to think of melody as musical ‘energy’ in creating a series of paintings. Melody, as an abstraction lies in the quality of tension or relaxation passed by each note to its successor (or received from its predecessor) until the musical sentence is complete and the moment of rest occur. Abstraction are seldom without a set of contradictory data but I have found that there are three “posture” (or conditions) of melodic “energy”, beginning, middling and ending. Once the musical line has been released through, I need only “be with the sound” my hands move synchronously with the sound being produced sub-consciously in making a series of paintings. Another analogy is to visualize myself as a mime of the sound being produced with my hand mirroring the motion propelled by the ‘ictus’.

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Cashierbook ID: LYZ

Medium: Oil painting

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 123.1H x 184.6W x 5.1D cm

Weight: 3.00 kg

Style: Abstract

Date Painted: Jul 2019

Location: Malaysia, Pahang

By Artist

Nur Khairi Hamidi

Pahang, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2019 - Nur Khairi Hamidi (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Oil painting


123.1H x 184.6W x 5.1D cm

3.00 kg


Date Painted
Jul 2019

Malaysia, Pahang

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