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Special Edition
Special Edition
Special Edition
Special Edition
Special Edition

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Special Edition

Oil painting on Canvas, 90H x 38W x 3D cm


This artwork was created as part of the mini series with cactuses. The cactus is skin coloured and the pain pouring from the sky now turns into flowers as it lands on the cactus. I call it “Special Edition” because, based on the idea that the other painting, Trauma, was based on living through situations, this is the variation where the subject thrives in the environment and turns the paint to flowers, metaphorically turning a bad situation to a wonderful one, they're the special edition. This artwork is one of my hand-stretched ones, has a certificate of authenticity, and always sold with hooks ready to hang!

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Cashierbook ID: PML

Medium: Oil painting

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 90H x 38W x 3D cm

Weight: 3.00 kg

Style: Surrealism

Date Painted: 12 Jan 2020

Location: Australia,

By Artist

Vanessa Stefanova

New South Wales, Australia

Mixed Style Artist


2020 - Vanessa Stefanova (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Oil painting


90H x 38W x 3D cm

3.00 kg


Date Painted
12 Jan 2020


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