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Strange Land
Strange Land

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Strange Land

Mixed Media on Canvas, 122H x 91W x 6D cm


2020, a very painful year for all human beings as if they were deprived of the pleasure of freedom for a while where human beings all over the world were shocked by the spread of an epidemic which claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives. The earth that has been used actively everyday seems to be able to take a rest for a while. The outside situation that has been noisy has become quiet and affects human social life. Time seems to pass slowly. When this situation occurs, the meaning of a freedom begins to be valued in human beings when the curfew is executed, human can no longer feel the joy of seeing the sun rise and sunset as usual for a while. This situation has a profound effect on ordinary society because this situation is like a broken wing for them in the compulsion to live the norm of new life.

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Cashierbook ID: PLC

Medium: Mixed Media

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 122H x 91W x 6D cm

Weight: 4.70 kg

Style: Surrealism

Date Painted: 10 Aug 2020

Location: Malaysia, Perak

By Artist

Hafizuddin Azman

Perak, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2020 - Hafizuddin Azman (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Mixed Media


122H x 91W x 6D cm

4.70 kg


Date Painted
10 Aug 2020

Malaysia, Perak

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