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Four Chrysanthemums
Four Chrysanthemums

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Four Chrysanthemums

Ink on Paper, 64.6H x 61.9W x 0.1D cm


This figurative, calligraphic flower painting reminiscent of an old verse from the Six Dynasties period (266-420). 'While plucking the wild chrysanthemums at the east gate, the poet saw Mount Nanshan at distant.' - Tao Yuanming (estimated year 365 - 427). In this figurative, calligraphic flower painting, the artist thought of depicting the blooming Chrysanthemums on Chinese rice paper. In this painting, she stood on the ground to perform the techniques of Chinese calligraphy. Her upper body moved simultaneously with the brushstrokes. She had the moment celebrating the blossoms by repeating the rounds again and again until the background music - Debussy, Estampes (1903) - 1. Pagodes tuned to fade together with the calligraphic performance.

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Cashierbook ID: PCC

Medium: Ink

Material: Paper

Dimensions: 64.6H x 61.9W x 0.1D cm

Weight: 1.00 kg

Style: Chinese Art

Date Painted: 2019

Location: Malaysia, Kedah

By Artist

Fuen Chin

Kedah, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2019 - Fuen Chin (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID



64.6H x 61.9W x 0.1D cm

1.00 kg

Chinese Art

Date Painted

Malaysia, Kedah

Additional Documents

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