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Acrylic on Canvas, 91H x 91W x 4D cm


".....begin to form a poetic structure from which we may sense a world; not an imaginary one but a real, living world with everything in it floating in the here and now." "At play is a state of flux; everything floating in a non-hierarchical space. And this world in flux is a perpetual condition of becoming that is not necessarily headed for finality or a perfected state in any conventional sense but, simply is what it is; inconclusively." - Shahnaz Said, curator of Teoh Joo Ngee Recent Works, NN Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, 2011

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Cashierbook ID: PPM

Medium: Acrylic

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 91H x 91W x 4D cm

Weight: 0.50 kg

Style: Fine Art

Date Painted: Jul 2009

Location: Malaysia, Selangor

By Artist

Ursa Joo Ngee Teoh

Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2009 - Ursa Joo Ngee Teoh (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID



91H x 91W x 4D cm

0.50 kg

Fine Art

Date Painted
Jul 2009

Malaysia, Selangor

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