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Tall Poppy
Tall Poppy
Tall Poppy
Tall Poppy
Tall Poppy

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Tall Poppy

Oil painting on Canvas, 28H x 35W x 1.5D cm


This painting is a bunch of tall poppies, from the saying “tall poppy syndrome” where, commonly in Australia (I hear) the most talented and high achievers are somewhat shamed for expressing or not denying their skill, so they cut the tall poppies down to size. I started making it thinking that with all the social media giving false promises of fame everyone seems to be a “tall poppy” without showing the skill or talent that could make them special (from what I see in gen Z). Although I don't see that in the painting as I continued to finish it. This artwork isn't one of my hand-stretched ones and always sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity!

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Cashierbook ID: PHH

Medium: Oil painting

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 28H x 35W x 1.5D cm

Weight: 1.00 kg

Style: Surrealism

Date Painted: 16 Nov 2020

Location: Australia,

By Artist

Vanessa Stefanova

New South Wales, Australia

Mixed Style Artist


2020 - Vanessa Stefanova (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Oil painting


28H x 35W x 1.5D cm

1.00 kg


Date Painted
16 Nov 2020


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