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Homemade crisis
Homemade crisis

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Homemade crisis

Watercolor on Paper, 10H x 6W x 0D cm


the artwork is more about a crisis inside home. the characteristic of the images plays their own role. which is in life there always a bad guy and a good guy. which the good always being slandered by the bad guy. its a common situation that ive made as a story and its a very childish cartoon characters that will make people love all of them either bad,evil or good person.

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Cashierbook ID: PAK

Medium: Watercolor

Material: Paper

Dimensions: 10H x 6W x 0D cm

Weight: 0.05 kg

Style: Fine Art

Date Painted: 12 Nov 2020

Location: Malaysia, Selangor

By Artist

Hamizan Yusof

Kelantan, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2020 - Hamizan Yusof (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID



10H x 6W x 0D cm

0.05 kg

Fine Art

Date Painted
12 Nov 2020

Malaysia, Selangor

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