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Round and Brown
Round and Brown
Round and Brown
Round and Brown
Round and Brown

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Round and Brown

Oil painting on Canvas, 45.5H x 30.5W x 3D cm


A while back I purchased a date, banana and coconut juice, my mates asked me what it tasted like and I told them “round and brown”, synaesthesia Usually I'd get a response something along the lines of being called weird.. and I'd learnt to brush it off, recently learning that it's the way my brain connects senses. When I taste food a visual composition accompanies it. When I tasted the banana, date and coconut juice I'd see a clear and matte white sphere floating around with a cool breezy environment, I'd also see a shade of brown emerge on the side that's faded away on the sphere. So this is that composition that I see in my minds eye, only more detailed as if it were a landscape. Hand stretched, sold with a certificate of authenticity and hooks ready to hang!

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Cashierbook ID: ZCB

Medium: Oil painting

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 45.5H x 30.5W x 3D cm

Weight: 1.00 kg

Style: Surrealism

Date Painted: 7 Mar 2021

Location: Australia,

By Artist

Vanessa Stefanova

New South Wales, Australia

Mixed Style Artist


2021 - Vanessa Stefanova (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Oil painting


45.5H x 30.5W x 3D cm

1.00 kg


Date Painted
7 Mar 2021


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